When a single malicious email can result in a catastrophic ransomware attack, and business email compromise (BEC) threatens more enterprises daily, your employees are a critical line of defense. They need to be conditioned to spot and report phishing emails immediately. With Cofense, simulations are based on the latest threats known to bypass secure email gateways (SEGs), empowering users to become human threat detectors.

Cofense surpasses alternatives, including KnowBe4 PhishER, in managing and measuring a highly secure phishing defense program. Threat actors constantly innovate, changing tactics to defeat SEGs and other security measures. Simulations must be based on the latest threats known to bypass secure gateways.

Why Choose Cofense Over Alternatives?

Your approach to phishing awareness must engage users — when they are active in their email client — with the most relevant threats, and it must accurately measure performance. Efficiency also is key. Your solution shouldn’t burden your team with time-consuming scheduling, simulation sequences and effectiveness reporting. Take a look at how Cofense measures up against KnowBe4.

Responsive delivery: Cofense is the only solution that delivers simulations only when users are active in their inbox. Zero points for KnowBe4 PhishER.

Active threats: Cofense provides the industry’s only pre-built template that’s based on threats identified as having bypassed SEGs. KnowBe4 doesn’t place or show in this regard.

Playbooks: With Cofense PhishMe Playbooks, automatically create, schedule, remind and more based on your specific criteria. Set it and forget it. KnowBe4 limits playbooks to a select list or category-based templates.

Dynamic groups: With Cofense PhishMe, dynamic groups are included with your subscription. With KnowBe4, the feature is available only at premium subscription levels.

But that’s not all.

Unlike KnowBe4, Cofense combines advanced automation with a global network of 32 million people reporting phish to stop phishing attacks fast. Cofense, alone in the industry, provides this level of phishing detection and response. That’s why more than half of the Fortune 500, and thousands of other organizations, trust us.

Take a closer look at Cofense vs. the competition.


Bottomline: We’re Cofense. We Stop Phish.

Many businesses try to build email security solutions with slow-to-deploy and ineffective SEGs and other systems from multiple vendors. These combinations are expensive, built on last-generation technology and don’t deliver the capabilities required to reliably and consistently stop phishing attacks. As enterprises worldwide have seen, Cofense’s cloud-native Phishing Detection and Response platform reduces vendors, risk, and costs by $100,000 or more.

We encourage close scrutiny against alternatives. Call us. Challenge us to convince you that we deliver above and beyond the competition.



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