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Phishing Attack Incident Response

While security awareness training helps employees recognize real phish, the result can often be alert-fatigued analysts. An effective phishing incident response requires analysts to quickly separate useful reports from noise, turning user-reported emails into actionable intelligence.

Automate straightforward remediation actions with phishing analysis tools.  Let machines scale and accelerate the repetitive tasks of processing alerts, to the point where human analysts can tackle phishing identification and phishing incident response. Free analysts to investigate real phishing threats, in particular new or extraordinary incidents.

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Keep Pace with the Threat Landscape

Analysts do research to determine the scale of a threat, understand its indicators and observable traits, and direct remediation. But threat actors have a strong financial incentive to evolve their tactics and techniques. How do your teams keep up with threats designed to bypass controls and defeat analysis?

The findings of threat analysis must be integrated with the wider security stack. This increases visibility into the threat, streamlines your investigation and incident response process, and greatly reduces time between detection and resolution. It’s an approach that helps analysis evolve with the threat landscape.

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Proactively Hunt for Phishing Threat Indicators and Observables

You identify a threat, but native searching is time-consuming and may take more than one search. Because native searches can be complex, there’s no assurance you won’t miss something. Raising the difficulty factor, the messaging team’s priorities are the integrity of mail delivery and staying in compliance—searching for phishing emails sometimes takes a back seat.

Enable analysts to hunt threats quickly without privileged access to the mail environment. Provide the ability to search offline for malicious emails, with no heavy lift from the messaging team—all with strict auditing of who searches for what.

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Quickly Quarantine Phishing Emails or Unquarantine Good Ones

Analysts must disrupt threats sooner, not later, to reduce exposure. However, to keep the mail environment running smoothly, searches can be throttled, causing delays. While both the incident response and messaging teams defend the organization, conflicting priorities can slow phishing response.

Threat analysts need a phishing removal tool to quarantine emails with a single click, from any mailbox without disrupting the mail environment. They also need to do the reverse, unquarantining messages later found to be harmless. Cofense’s phishing incident response resources and tools and tools let them do just that.

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Phishing Awareness Programs Educate Users on Real Threats

Organizations have limited time for user phishing awareness programs, so each educational activity must count. Without input from security analysts, awareness managers don’t know which threats to educate users on, which leaves gaps in training and can lead to security incidents.

Support programs that condition employees to recognize phishing emails and report active threats. When employees learn through phishing simulations and other awareness activities, they supply valuable intelligence to security teams. Do your part: keep the awareness team up to date on phishing threats your analysts see.

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Build a Strong Phishing Defense in a Tight Talent Market

There’s a shortage of skilled security professionals, but no shortage of threats. Security teams are seeing the effects on skill sets, workload, and threat response times. Many security departments are hiring junior analysts, who pose a risk if they lack certain skills or tools that simplify analysis.

Make sure your phishing incident response tools are usable by analysts at all levels. Get more bang from your human resources by automating the repeatable steps in phishing analysis and by more smoothly orchestrating response and remediation. Archive tribal knowledge to leverage the wisdom of experienced analysts across the organization.

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