Security Leaders

Manage risk at the speed of business

An intelligence-driven phishing solution that supports and protects your organization


Meet evolving threats head-on

As business evolves and customers expect increasingly digital experiences, risk increases. To minimize risk, make sure your cybersecurity is up to speed with an anti-phishing strategy that’s as dynamic as your business. Cofense solutions provide the people power, intelligence, and expertise to protect your business and assets from targeted attacks.


All-in-one phishing detection and response

Today’s security teams need a wide view of the landscape and an understanding of sophisticated attacks, but finding the right people for the job can be time consuming and expensive. That’s why we provide everything you need to secure your organization — from researchers, a global network of human sensors, and expert responders — all in one place. We can even manage phishing detection and response for you.


A trusted team that’s on your side

Despite investments and technologies, there will always be gaps that inevitable phishing attacks can slip through. To help your internal security teams manage alerts and threats, automate responses and offload security tasks to a dedicated team of specialists. With the right intelligence on existing threats, your team can leverage existing tools and get game-changing support when it’s needed most. 


Get your board on board

Today, boards of directors are often involved in making important decisions about cybersecurity. That’s why our anti-phishing solutions are designed to assure you’re reducing risk and meeting regulations. And we provide executive-level reporting, industry benchmarking, and comparative analysis that make it easy for you to articulate your security solutions and their effectiveness to the board.


Security that protects more than your business

Securing your business is about more than protecting finances or assets — it’s about protecting your customers and your reputation. Our security solutions combine cutting-edge technology with real human intelligence to give you complete protection. Cofense teaches end users to recognize and report phish while automation supports your internal IT teams, helping them cut through the noise and quickly respond to real phish.

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