Cofense for Energy and Utilities

Power up your anti-phishing strategy to keep business, government, and people safe.


Phishing threatens your business — and economic and national security.

was the average annual cost of cyberattacks per utility company in 2018.

Unlike other industries, cybercriminals target energy and utilities companies not for monetary gain but to inflict harm. Attackers use phishing to retrieve private information relating to natural resources or nuclear power, or to gain access to the grid. These phishing attacks can have a powerful impact on politics, economic well-being, and national security.


A comprehensive solution for the grid and beyond

Power Up Your Protection

Energy and utility breaches do more than just shut down the electrical grid and access to natural resources — they affect national security, economic activity, and citizens’ well-being. Our end-to-end phishing security and global network of human sensors can help you identify and respond to complex, ever-evolving attacks.


With Cofense, customers can access the knowledge of a broad global network of 27 million users who report suspected phishing emails.
(2021 Cofense Annual Report)

Outsmart Insider Cybercriminals

Experts increasingly suspect that industry insiders are behind energy and utility attacks. Get ahead of savvy criminals by tapping into employee intelligence and intuition. Our cybersecurity awareness training teaches your employees to detect and respond to phish, so they can work as one and protect your organization from the inside out.


of trained Cofense customers can successfully report a suspected phish email within 0 to 59 minutes.
(2021 Cofense Annual Report)

Reduce Threat Expenses

Phishing attacks often result in high expenses and recovery fees. Prevent attacks in the first place with an intelligent and complete security solution. Our combination of AI and Computer Vision enables teams to spot hard-to-detect phish and reduce potential financial loss.

100K +

saved in potential ransomware payments by using the Cofense Phishing Detection and Response platform.
(2021 Cofense Annual Report)

“If Cofense can help us defend against potential data breaches and help us keep the lights on and the natural gas flowing for our customers, that’s a big deal.

Cybersecurity Awareness Manager
$30B U.S. Energy Company

Cofense in Action


Intelligent Response

Cybercriminals are constantly improving their methods. Learn about new phishing trends and build an anti-phishing strategy that responds to today’s changing threat landscape.

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Increased Awareness

Harnessing the power of your employees isn’t a nice-to-have — it’s a must-have. See how AES used Cofense training to educate their global employee base and respond to attacks.

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Improved Reliability

Attacks can cut off electricity access and cause huge expenses. Learn how a top energy company used Cofense PhishMe and Reporter to protect the grid and their bottom line.

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The complete phishing defense package

Phishing emails are unavoidable and constantly changing. That’s why we provide everything you need to catch them quickly. Our combination of technology and unique human insight allows us to detect and stop attacks — before they hurt your business.


Detect and remediate phishing threats that hit the inbox, within minutes.


Reduce security operations burden through automated responses to phishing attacks.


Integrate the crowdsourced intelligence of millions of users into other systems.

Discover how Cofense stops phish and protects your company against evolving threats.