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Close the case on phishing attacks with a complete anti-phishing solution.


Protect your confidential company and client information — and your reputation.

confidential account documents were leaked during the Panama Papers attack that targeted the Mossack Fonseca law firm.

Since legal and professional services businesses have access to lots of sensitive, personal information — and are obligated to protect it — attackers are finding and holding this information ransom to get firms to pay up. In the process, they put client and company information, as well as company reputation, on the line.


A comprehensive solution to protect your clients and your business

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Phishing attacks can mean more than leaked information and recovery expenses — they can have a lasting effect on your business’s reputation. We combine our network of real, human sensors with cutting-edge AI and ML capabilities, so you can detect, respond to, and shut down attacks before they hurt your business.


With Cofense, customers can access the knowledge of a broad global network of 27 million users who report suspected phishing emails.
(2021 Cofense Annual Report)

Develop Built-In Security

Many phishing attacks start with a simple email attachment designed to collect client information or gain system access. To prevent this kind of attack, transform your employees into a united, on-the-ground security team. Our phishing simulation training is designed to reflect real life, up-to-date phish, so you can teach employees to recognize and report potential phish.


of trained Cofense customers can successfully report a suspected phish email within 0-59 minutes.
(2021 Cofense Annual Report)

Limit Financial Loss

Unprepared law and professional services businesses often spend millions of dollars trying to recover their data from ransomware attacks. Our advanced technology is specifically designed to help you stay ahead of threats and protect your data. We pair Computer Vision and AI to catch and stop phish that standard SEG solutions miss.

$100K +

saved in potential ransomware payments by using the Cofense Phishing Detection and Response platform.
(2021 Cofense Annual Report)

Our company uses Cofense PhishMeTM to educate employees. We send monthly simulations because, in our experience, more frequent training helps to raise overall awareness.

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Multinational Financial Services Company

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Up-to-Date Intelligence

Phishing threats are inevitable and ever-evolving. Our security solutions provide the intelligence, training, and assistance you need to protect your business — no matter how complex the threat.

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Unparalleled Expertise

Whether it’s a malicious email attachment, ransomware, or something new, our complete security solution will help you prepare for, recognize, and defeat complex threats.

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Rapid Response

Our solutions are proven to reduce response time and limit the effects of an attack. Learn about how one of our customers can now stop attacks in 10 minutes.

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The complete phishing defense package

Phishing emails are unavoidable and constantly changing. That’s why we provide everything you need to catch them quickly. Our combination of technology and unique human insight allows us to detect and stop attacks — before they hurt your business.


Detect and remediate phishing threats that hit the inbox, within minutes.


Reduce security operations burden through automated responses to phishing attacks.


Integrate the crowdsourced intelligence of millions of users into other systems.

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