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Streamline and accelerate your phishing detection and response

An all-in-one solution that simplifies cybersecurity for your business


One-stop security designed for your organization

Every organization needs anti-phishing security — but cookie-cutter solutions won’t provide sufficient protection against complex, ever-evolving threats. That’s why Cofense’s comprehensive solutions are designed to work for your business and your unique assets. We provide everything you need — from the latest threat intelligence to a global network of human sensors to cutting-edge technology — all in one place.


Straightforward deployment and integration

Many businesses try to build email security solutions with slow-to-deploy services and products from multiple vendors — these combinations are expensive, built on out-dated technology, and don’t deliver the capabilities required to stop complex attacks. Our solutions are easy to deploy and they integrate seamlessly with your existing security, providing complete protection from end to end.


Fully managed phishing detection and response

Phishing attacks are inevitable and the best protection is preparation. To minimize damage and financial loss, you must be ready to respond quickly — but that’s not an easy job when all investigations are done manually. Our automated investigations, alerts, and responses make it easy to stop phish in their tracks. And our Cofense Phishing Defense Center experts can even oversee your entire phishing detection and response for you.


Improve awareness with easy-to-use simulations

One of the first lines of defense against phish is your users. By teaching your workforce to recognize and report threats, they can become a built-in security team. Cofense sends simulated phishing emails directly to users’ inboxes, giving them the experience needed to understand real threats. Using algorithms and embedded best practices, Cofense PhishMe™ recommends simulations based on current active threats and industry relevance.


Reduce recovery costs and cybersecurity expenses

Successful phishing attacks can cause irreparable financial loss and reputational damage. To stop phish before they hurt your organization, invest in a proactive anti-phishing solution — that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Cofense has no minimums, hidden costs, or implementation fees so you can confidently secure your business while reducing both potential damage costs and your cybersecurity spending.

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