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Improve cyber defenses with strategic threat intelligence

An intelligence-driven phishing solution that improves response time


Stay ahead of threats

Since phish are specifically designed to bypass controls and thwart analysis, it’s crucial to have the latest threat intelligence on your side. Cofense provides tactical and strategic intelligence to best inform your phishing defense strategy. With our researchers, global network of human sensors, and cutting-edge technology, you’ll have everything you need to identify and respond to attacks — before they hurt your business.


Stop attacks in their tracks

Phishing attacks are inevitable and constantly evolving. To minimize damage and financial loss, it’s essential to quickly recognize, isolate, and mitigate threats. Cofense solutions provide your team with all the resources you need — from intelligence on the latest threats to automated alerts and threat isolation to response advice and assistance — so they can shut attacks down fast.


Prioritize your response

The phishing threat landscape is noisy and rapidly evolving — and noisy threat feeds keep security teams from doing their job. Cofense enables your team to turn raw threat data into actionable intelligence and effective defense. Our trusted, high-fidelity phishing threat intelligence helps you prioritize and respond to phishing attacks in progress — and proactively prepare for emerging threats in the wild.


Stop threats fast with automation

Threat actors are innovative, creative, and patient, and enterprises that don’t proactively integrate anti-phishing solutions into their defense are left vulnerable. That’s why Cofense solutions automate threat identification and response. And our robust read/write API lets you integrate intelligence phishing defense into your workflows, so your team can zero in on threats and protect your organization.


Complete phishing detection and response

Phishing defense requires more than a one-time response — it demands an alway-on, anti-phishing solution. Cofense provides the breadth of coverage needed for a strong phishing defense. With researchers, a global network of human sensors, and expert responders, our solutions include everything you need to secure your organization — all in one place. We can even manage phishing detection and response for you.

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